Build a Campaign

Through municipal campaigns, people supportive of Palestinian rights can make Palestine part of the local progressive agenda and build alongside others pushing for social justice in our communities.

By engaging directly with policy makers, we build our capacity to change the US policies at the local, state, and federal levels that enable Israel’s denial of Palestinian rights.

Learn about the different types of municipal campaigns, and choose the one that is the best fit for your community and city. 





Cities should end support for Israel’s human rights abuses and all institutions of oppression. Divestment and boycotts can ensure our tax dollars aren’t spent on contracting with or investing in Israel’s apartheid regime or corporations profiting from state violence.  More information →

Deadly Exchange

US-Israeli collaboration on racist policing and militarization harms cities and communities. Partnerships between US and Israeli police and military defend and valorize Israel's system of military occupation while also reinforcing the racism and violence of US policing.  More information →


Skip the Trip

End propaganda trips to Israel. At the same time that Israel denies Palestinians freedom of movement and bans millions of refugees, pro-Israel groups fund trips for US public officials to strengthen US political support for Israel by whitewashing human rights violations. More information →

End Weapons to Israel

End weapons sales, and fund urgent needs in our communities. Israeli forces kill and injure Palestinians with the help of $3.8 billion in weapons provided by the US every year. That money could be used instead to fund urgent needs in our communities. More information →


Stand with Refugees

Right to Boycott

Affirm the First Amendment right to boycott. Boycotts are a tried-and-true tactic to achieve social change. But Israel and its supporters are pushing for local and federal legislation to punish and even criminalize our right to boycott for Palestinian rights. More information →

Stand with all refugees. Palestinian refugees are the longest-standing refugee population in the world. US military, diplomatic, and economic support for Israel enables its continued denial of  Palestinian refugees’ right of return. More information →


Sister Cities

Break the Bonds

Invest in justice by building genuine connections between US and Palestinian communities. Sister Cities promote ties between community members in both places to work and learn together.  More information →

Break the ties that exist between Israel and your city and local government officials. End support of projects that whitewash Israel's human rights violations and war crimes. More information →